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Sick of E-bay

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Hey, anyone else out there tired of e-bay? I'm sick of babysitting an item in the last few hours so some guy doesn't outbid me on something by a dollar.

I'm sticking to placing want-ads here - I've never not had a number of replies any time I've placed an ad here...

Just my 2 cents - I had to get it off my chest...

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I have a simple and inexpensive solution. I purchased i-Snipeit bidding software for $15. It will automatically log on to eBay unattended and make the bid for you. I have my software setup to place the bid 20 seconds before the auction closes. I have won several bids with this software and I don't get caught up in the "game" most other people are willing to play.

'68 Coupe, 289, C4, 3.40 gears, GT-40P heads, TCI Streetfighter stall convertor.
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