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Silly question but i gotta ask....

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I know there is a Parts For Sell area but is there a way to offer parts for sell just to members here in the VMF? There are a lot of vendors and other "unknow" people in the Parts For Sell section that don't use the VMF on a regular basis. I would prefer to give you guys first dibs and we have sort of trust already. Make sense? Thought I would ask before I go over to the dark side. hehe
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i think there are a lot of folks who just use the for sale section, and never join in the fun over here.
UPDATE: I have seen one or two others on here that put the link to their parts for sale right in their signature so each time they post it's free advertising.

Why not set up a page on your site just for the parts you are selling. Then make a polite post over here informing the discussion people that you have parts and would like to offer them here first... just an idea.
Good idea Jay! Thanks
Well!! That's mighty nice of you. We are family!
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