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Silver '69's

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Doing the usual day dreaming about the car (good thing Orwell's thought police don't exist; I'd be fired from my job for sure). It's a sort of 2 tone faded Accapulco Blue (the 2 tone being blue and rust, VERY trick) and the interior is Light Blue which kind of limits re-paint choices. Blue is obvious but I was also thinking Silver or white wouls look nice. My real dream colour would be a really really dark moss green kind like the Bulllit '68 but with the interior colour it would just look bad. I'm also considering getting ahold of some Grabber Stripes and blacking out the hood/headlights etc like a Boss 302.

Anyone out there have any pictures of silver '69/'70's? Was this even a Boss colour choice?

any other colour ideas would be appreciated


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Not silver, but if you'e just looking for a pic of a '69 coupe with the blacked out hood, lights, etc. Check out my daugher's '69 coupe on my web page (link below). It's actually got a very crappy paint job right now, but looks good in the pics *LOL*.

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If you're redoing the car anyway why not replace the interior? It doesn't cost that much in the realm of Mustang repair and then you can paint your car what ever color you really want. If you're going to the trouble why not make your dreams come true? I think the Bullitt color would look great on your car and I've always thought the black-out color scheme of the 69 Boss is coolest thing I've ever seen.I say throw a black interior in there a go for it!

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I've seen white with black stripes with that interior. Looked pretty sharp to me. My 69 also came with light blue interior, but I changed it to black and painted the exterior dark metalic blue.

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Silver was not a choice on Boss 302's

Had a few sliver Mustangs but would never choose the color. IMHO it tends not to show off good body work, blend in too much and unless cleared fades too fast

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