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I hope this is an easy question compared to some I had. On my AM radio, the light does not work. I know if I hook the radio directly to a battery the light will work.
I have the Osborn book and the wiring diagram book and it says to connect the blue/red wire to a 3 way wire. In my car it looks to be tan/red.
I have the black connected to the correct black wire, so the radio plays.
Now comes my ignorance on old cars. The radio never worked when I bought the car (I since had it repaired).
When exactly is the radio light supposed to come on? when the headlights are turned on? if so, my lights are on and the radio light does not work. Any ideas?
I eventually will figure it out, but it has been two days since I first tried to get the light to work. I think I need a hint.
On a related note, I have a 64 1/2 and the left hand number on the 'dial' starts with 6. Any truth that if it is a 64 it should be a 4 or 5? This radio seems to be the original to the car.

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Hi, if memory serves me correctly the light will come on when the radio is turned on regardless of the lights. John

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The blue/red wire is for the radio light and should be connected to a 3 receptacle female connector. I think the other 2 holes are for the console light wiring and the rally pac if you have those options. I believe the original intent was to have the radio light come on when the dash lights and the radio were both on.

However, when I took apart my radio this is what I found. The radio power lead and the light power lead were soldered togeher, creating a scenario where the light would come on whenever the radio was on. It looked to be original so I guess Ford and the radio manufacturer had different ideas on how the light should work.

The bulb for the light is easily obtainable but it's almost impossible to replace without bending up the radio face that has the frequency numbers.

The black radio power lead should be connected to a wire that runs to the fuse marked ACC.

I hope this helps somewhat.
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Thanks for the replies, I will 'arrange' something to have the light on when the radio is on.
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