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sitting for years, now no P/S, help me diagnose

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hi guys, I need help, I am so out of touch with these p/s assist velves, I do not know the proper way of diagnosing them, ok the car sat for many years & when I got it running, it had no P/s fluid in it, I filled it but it still would not turn freely, no assist what so ever, now the question is how do I determine if my problem is in the pump or the valve without taking a bath in fluid, or expenses.
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You might have to bleed out the air, I think you can do this buy turning the wheel from lock to lock several times and then refilling the resovour. I am certanly no expert on this but it might help. You might try a can of that powersteering stop leak, it has additives that will soften hardened seals.
Good luck.
Prolly needs bled as stated in previous post. Can you hear a whine coming from the pump? If so there is air in the system and air in the fluid. After bleeding let the system set for about 20 minutes and try it again...
I havew run the car a couple times, tried turning the wheels, but no dice
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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