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Per my earlier post, The slat piece fell out of one of my GT trumpets, and is currently either laying beside the road somewhere or imbedded deep in some poor slobs radiator. Several of you suggested I toss the slats all together.

Well, I just fired her up and listened to the two pipes. The open trumpet gives the pleasing, low growl I so crave. The slatted trumpet has a pronounced "wheezing" to it. I equate this to restriction, and maybe loss of power. I've heard from some others that a freeflowing engine/exhaust system can sometimes back up those slatted trumpets. After hearing the difference, I think this is true.

So, off go the trumpets. Their repros, and it's not a real GT, so I'm not concerned with authenticity here. Do any of you have suggestions for exhaust tips that would look/work good through the rear valence holes? Do I need turn-downs to avoid sooting up the back? Do any of you have pictures of alternate exhaust tips through a GT valence? As always, any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks

ps: I don't like the look of the GT trumpet minus slat piece. It's this big black cavern that just don't look right to me.

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Last year someone else was talking on the VMF about bending the slats in their GT trumpets "flat" (so the exhaust simply flowed past without impedance). I don't remember if this was to change the exhaust sound, or for look, or performance.
It makes sense that the GT slats, as they change the direction of the exhaust, would add some resistance.
If you're talking about trashing the GT tips altogether, why not try bending the slats straight and see if you like the exhaust sound better? Just an idea... Dickson

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