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Sleeve for 8" axle seal surface

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Has anyone installed one of the thin sleeves (Redi-Sleeve, etc) on the sealing surface of an 8" axle? I did a VMF forum search and saw some recent posts (2022) where much good information was given, but I didn't see a post that anyone has actually found a sleeve that fits or has done the repair. Any ideas/help/info is appreciated.
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I posted a similar question not too long ago. I found a place local that is supposed to sell them but haven’t had a chance to go by yet. I’ve tried two new seals in the axle tube but I still get a little bit of a drip so redi-sleeve may be my answer.
Back in the day I repaired a couple of axles (Chevrolet 30-50 series full floating axles) using those. I didn't have them come back so assumed they worked. Nothing wrong with the idea but as added insurance I put some sealer on the axle to keep it from seeping out from under. I have no idea if they are still available for your application.

I'd love a part number for this.
"They" don't make a repair sleeve that is the correct size which is 1.375" IIRC.
"They" don't make a repair sleeve that is the correct size which is 1.375" IIRC.
DO NOT BUY THIS: OK, I don't know all the dimensions for this application, but is this the right direction for someone to measure from?
A SKF 99138 may do the trick....
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