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I know a lot of you have been at the stage I am. 2 year resto almost done. Perfect weather to be driving it and yet a few more things that have to get done before it's road worthy . I'm finishing my interior and I ran across a couple of things that I need some advice on.

1. The emergency flasher bracket is black with white recessed letters. Now that I have the bracket painted black, how in the heck do I get the small letters painted white? Is there a white "pen" of some sort to do this? I cannot imagine using a paintbrush on such a small area, there must be a trick.

2. How do you drive out the pin to replace the emergency brake level handle that says "BREAK" on it?


1) Take your white paint and simply "glob" it down to get it into all of the letter grooves. Then, take a flat edged (ideally silicone) spatula and wipe across the top surface. This will pull the white paint off the top and leave it below the recess. Let it dry....

2) Why? This pin is in there pretty hard and if you are simply trying to clean the shaft up...soak the whole thing in some diesel fuel and then lube it with lithium grease. Those pins are in there hard and taking them out risks screwing up the shaft.
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