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Smokes now, didn't smoke before

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Well when I bought the car a month ago, it didn't smoke. In that time all I've done to the car (engine related at least) is:

new gas tank
new gas (with some Gumout carb cleaner)
new sender
new oil (with a little Marvel Mystery Oil)
new oil filter

Now the thing smokes like a chimney. It HAS to be the MMO or the Carb Cleaner - right? I'm NOT using any lead additive. Any chance that's doing it?

If not, I'm a moron and didn't notice the billowing, noxious smoke when I purchased it. Yes, I did check :)


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Too bad to hear about your DCOEs, some mighty carbs they are. But to original post, just drive around a few tankfuls, it might go away, if it is the Marvel Comics or some other unnecessary Gunout. I hope.

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