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Hey VMF.....

I have a '65 Fastback C, 4spd... minor rust on rear quarters and a 2x6 passenger & 4x6 drivers floor. I bought the car with no speed-o, put new upper and lower arms, 1" drop, #620 & 1" bar in front and put new #220 leafs in the rear and all Poly bushings and drove it for about 120k miles-- since I was in my 20's-30's, drove it HARD. Odometer shows 87,645.

So, engine, trans, rear axle and suspension all shot! I have a rotisserie. I am going to redo the car to a Resto-Mod, DRIVER (maybe 10k mi/yr) condition.

Researching until I'm blind and beat.

Engine -- a 450 HP crate engine, regardless of cubic inches, has an average cost comparing 7 suppliers of $14,600
Trans -- a 5-spd conversion, TKX with a hydraulic clutch comes in at around $5,000
Front Suspension -- All over the place, but a basic GW front is about $3,200. My choice would be SoT(but then have to have the older V-8). There is always the Maier Mod2 front which looks interesting but my be in conflict if I go with the SoT rear suspension (Maier Mod2 rear looks fantastic but is very much overkill for a driver and $$$)

Main question:
1. With a conventional V-8 & Trans coming in at $20k, Why not remove the shock towers and throw in a Gen 3 Mod (2018+) and a Manual for $11k or with a 10spd Auto for $13k?
2. Is there any really good Mod Motor suspensions?
3. Does anyone AutoX with the Mod Motor and "really good" front suspension?

Any help clearing up the mud is very much appreciated!

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