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so why ain't I in love?

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Took my vert for a nice long ride today, Top down..this car runs beautifully..handles real well, everything works just fine..including the radio..the temp guage never goes beyond the middle. Ran it for about 3 hours..then headed home feeling refreshed and happy..but one thing troubles me..How come I really don't love this car?
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Maybe it needs More Power?

Hmmmmm, Did you go thru a lot of trouble previously with this car?(resto, breakdowns, etc.) I think I love my vehicles more when I have to put a lot of time into them. But it could be that the T-Bird is jading your views of her:p LOL
I don't know why, but I know how you feel. When I got my 2002 Altima 3.5se 5-speed, I though, 'This is just going to be the coolest thing.' 240hp, 5-speed, power everything, excelent gas milage, sunroof. But after a week, it wouldn't bother me if the thing jumped off a bridge. I think it is the little things. The car is an early one, the clutch slips a little. It's fly by wire, so the car does not react like you would expect it to. No one is afrade of it, even though I bet it is faster than my Mach1. It's front wheel drive. It all adds up. The car is not the sum of all of it's parts. It's leased and I have put the mustang in the express restore lane. Once the Mach1 is done, It may go back. Don't know if this helps.
Because it need a set of 1970 Deep Dish Sport wheels. Did you ever end up getting a set? I saw a couple sets on Ehay. Search under 70 mustang. I think one set was really nice.
If that dosent do the trick I know a good home where it will be loved. You don't see too many 70 verts.
I know why, because the restoration went too easy! I don't recall reading about major doofuses, blood, massive rust repair, any of those things! I think to truly love one of these cars, you've got to go through hell and back with it! I REALLY love my 66!
Gosh, T, sounds like you need to give this car to someone who will give it the love it deserves! (BTW, I have lots of love to give!)

I have to agree with Dan... love comes through pain. At least I think that's what he said.

I do agree with the others, but in a different way. I think you need a history with a car for it to mean that much to you. That history may come from blood sweat and tears, or it could come from what you and the car have been through, or where she has taken you. I bought a 50 GMC pickup the day I turned 16. She was all dolled up, painted to match, had custom wheels, and diamond tucked leather inside everywhere. I did nothing to the truck other than drove it everywhere I went. I would rather have that truck back now, in what ever condition, than almost any other auto out there....but it was the good memories as oposed to the blood and sweat. You can sure feel alot of pride in a resoration such at that auto, but that alone doesn't make the bond......or perhaps I just wish I was 16 again! hmmmmm NOPE thats not it. Enjoy the ride for what it is!

You could always send her out my way. They would make a nice pair, after all I do have 2 daughters...
It's just the way it is. Like meeting a girl you think
your really going to like perhaps fall in love with.
But for whatever reason just never happens.
No big deal just go out and find the one you love.
is it POSSIBLE that your heart truly lies with the 71-3 line due to the fact that you have owned your 72 Mach for so long? Do you get more excited looking at TFOB's convert as opposed to your 70? Maybe you ought to consider a convert that more closely resembles your pride and joy 72......

You don't love it because you have Inline 6 envy.
Possible reasons you aren't in 'love'

1) It isn't big enough foru you./forums/images/icons/shocked.gif
2) Toni made you compute the total cost for getting the vehicle in the shape it is presently in /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif.
3) You didn't do enough of the restoration work yourself, drastically reducing the amount of scar material on your arms, hands and head, thus you don't feel the car is 'part of you'/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif.
4) You had the top down and the top of your head got fried while you were out driving it, so you really hate Verts /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif.
5) It's Toni's /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif...

How come I really don't love this car?

Because, you haven't sold it yet...
I haven't had my 65 Vert very long...but I'm in love with it already.

Part of it is that it is my first classic car. I usually fall inlove with cars after they give me problems. I'm selling my 91 Explorer and it is hard to. I've been stuck on the side of the road several times with it. But it is still my baby. My 65 vert broke down last week and I limped home on 3 out of 6 cylinders...and that is when I truly fell in love with it.

No problem if its your car...big problem if its your wife!
Because it needs dual exhaust and more muscle under the hood. It is now time to begin modifying the crap out it 'til the point where you love it so much you would not do silly things like drive it /forums/images/icons/wink.gif.
All I can say is that I love mine, so maybe you should consider the following to spice up the relationship:

1.) Replace the automatic with a TKO (or install a shift kit if Toni prefers to stay with an automatic)
2.) Replace the automatic open rear end with a 3.50 Trac-Loc (maybe a 3.25 if you keep the FMX)
3.) Convert to Edelbrock 4-barrel intake and carb
4.) Convert to dual exhaust with Thrush mufflers

Those sure made mine much more of a rush to drive and it is now firmly in the "keeper" category. I never drive SWMBO's '65 anymore and I used to switch between the two on a regular basis.

If you are going to Rodmans on Sunday, I'll be there and you can take mine for a spin to feel the difference.
Beats the heck out of me !!! But the question is does your wife love it ?

You'll have to figure that one out for yourself ... hehehe.

Tell ya what, I'll be driving right by Westport about 10:30 tonight, on my way to Jersey. I'll pick that puppy up and give it a good run down to Delaware and back...have it back to you by Wed. afternoon..hehehehe...
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