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This has very very little miles. Fresh Build. Project went in a completely different direction.

It was custom built. The ingredients: WILWOOD Forged Dynalite w/ Parking Brake, EATON Detroit Locker 31 Spline, RICHMOND 4.11 gear, STRANGE S/S 31 spline axles, Custom center section 1310 Moser Yoke, Billet main Caps. ARP RP bolts, Large / Big bearing ends, Panhard bracket (easily removed). Also includes adjustable panhard bar and a super slick Lokar parking cable (partial assembly pictured) made specifically for this Wilwood brake setup.


Dimensions 59.5" flange to flange,
44.5" perch center to center.

Need the housing shorter?
Need the perches in a different spot.
No problem, I gotta guy.
It’s just metal.

Yes, can ship. ? Truck freight makes the most sense. Terminal to terminal the cheapest. Fastenal. Origin zip Hayward, CA 94545. 66x18x19H 250# (rough estimate includes weight of wood crate) Please do your own shipping logistics to see what it’ll cost. Thank you.


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No problem.
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