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Solid motor mounts

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Anyone know where I might find some solid motor mounts for a 302 in a 65....and what other years might work. I am looking for some that are about a 1/4 inch lower than stock.

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I think Mustangs Plus sells solid motor mounts. Not shure if there what your looking for.

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I'm not sure you will find anyone selling them. There are too many variations between years and body styles for anyone to get into that endeavor on a large production scale. I ended up putting large carriage bolts throught the rubber. My brother on the other hand removed all the rubber and welded up a full metal mount.

I've been happy with the bolt solution. His car has not even been turned over yet so no word on that modification.

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Nope..tried Mustangs Plus, no luck. May have to come up with our own version...

No biggie Ron,

One piece angle, one piece flat cut to shape...drill a couple holes...weld togeher...

I still have the old ones from the race car buried in my mom's shed somewhere but they're for a 1 1/2" setback; I tossed them when going to motor plates back in the early 80's...

Don't forget to put in a solid trans mount too...and re-check the engine CL angle in relation to your pinion angle if lowering the engine...

If you're from the same Feddema family I think you are, this is all old hat to you..*G*

Have fun...

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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