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Would geting a set of rebuilt heads stock specs be a bad idea in my case ..thery are only a whoping 130.00 pair! here in town. at a decent shop. I have a lot of miles on my short block tho. is that safe? i mean will the new heads..make my rings go even worse than they a more rapid rate. I have not run a compression check on the engine. but it runs well. just seems to smoke on startup..and i want a bit more over 4k rpm so when the heads are off. ifigured i could find a cheap way to get more hp. out of stock..or should i just forget it. Thanks
heres my engine specs..
67block 289 c code.
stock cam.
pertronix ign +coil
autolite 600cfm 4v 4100 1.12 i think
manifold exhaust...duals with turbos..h pipe. 2 1/4 exh
8inch open 3:00 rear+ traction bars.
71 large input c4. rebuilt .shift kit
i think i have stock timing..maybe + a degree or 2 of advance. i need to check again /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Thank you all for reading this!

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Cheap horsepower can be had by grinding the emission boss out of the exhaust ports. All it takes is a 1/4 drill and a carbide rotary file. I see them at swap meets all the time for less than $5. Takes some time but no $$. Then have heads rebuilt. Sounds like your exhaust has already be up graded to handle this Modification. Gary
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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