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For $180 or so you can score a Pioneer in dahs CD player /changer controller with detachable face and front and rear preouts....

Go for either Infinity or MTX coaxial speakers 6.5 in front and 6x9 rear. Your deck can power these speakers BUT.....

on louder levels they decks tend to run hot and shut down
and distortion is the key factor.

to remedy this run a 60x4 D class amp Pioneer, Kenwood,
Autotek, Hifonics, etc make nice ones for decent deals... sells em for good prices.

ANd DO SPEND the money on GOOD interconnect amps and rca interconnects ARE the main culprits for alternator wine in your sound system (that and missing alt condensor)

good luck and email me if any more questions.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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