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Hey guys. I was looking in some old paper work that I had laying around and came across some other Mustangs that have been in the stable.

5F07C-350006 65A H 29 10I 81 6 F ( This car had disc brakes, ALT, and 65 nose. Most of the other parts were 64.5 style.
5F07C-680367 65A H 22 31Q 81 6 F
5F07K-741770 65B H 62 26S 81 5 E ( It speaks for it's self) I cry just thinking about this car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5F09T-782040 63A 3 26 07U 81 2 F ( This was my first Mustang. It had a consel and radio delete plate. Weird)
5F07T-734840 65A H 22 19S 81 2 F ( Parts for the above 2+2)
5F07C-692623 65C M 32 14R 81 6 F ( First bench seat Mustang I had ever seen, had to have it, but sold it.)

Well take to you later. Hope you all had a good easter.

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We just bought a 65 K code coupe, Caspian blue. It's on a rotisserie; be awhile before it sees the highway.

My son has kept a running log of all the ponies that have been in our possession. Just passed 70! (since 1984). There are many that tug at heart strings to have given them up.

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Remember, these are extra ones that were not included in my post "Mustangs That I've Wrecked".
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