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Just thought its been a while since ive posted any pics of any car I was working on. Right now the 70' fastback is in the garage for the winter, getting a whole mess of things done.

BTW, every pannel that is black, has been replaced!

Its nice working on it inside. Working out in the weather is a little too harsh, and youre constantly starting over.

The engine is in, and the engine bay is painted dark shadow grey.

The engine is a 347 stroker, with edelbrock RPM heads. They are painted blue because they are the heads off of my 351w that popped. Aluminum never looks the same after it has been dirty, so we had them blasted before reassembly and just painted them to match the block, hoping to add to the sleeper factor.

We also painted the under side with bed liner, but I havent taken any pics yet.

Since I last drove the car, these are the things that have been added-

-Subframe connectors
-9" rear, 3:89's with trak-lock (from an 8" with open 3.00's)
-347, probably around 375ish hp
-hurst shifter (toploader 4-speed)
-3" fiberglass cowl hood
-1" lowering springs
-shelby a-arm drop
-curved monte carlo bar (to clear the new MSD distributor)
-MSD 6AL ignition system
-All new front suspension, new leafs, and shocks

I think she will feel a LITTLE different than before, what do you guys think?

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The whole thing looks good. I love project pics.
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