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Sore, tired, and out of gas. Good weekend.

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Hey guys. I had a very productive Saturday. I finished up underneath on all of my rust repairs (I've replaced the d/s rear frame rail, trunk floor on that side, and the d/s convertible brace. Also patched the floor pan under the convertible brace and the d/s rear inner wheel well). Next I replaced the hard lines for the rear brakes and the fuel line. Then I started installing the TCP convertible subframe connectors (THANKS AGAIN FOR THE GROUP BUY GUYS!!!). I'm impressed by the quality, but the fit is a bit tight across the convertible braces. Actually, the d/s where I've been jacking around with the frame and convertible brace fits perfectly. The passenger side wouldn't go all the way home because it was hitting on the convertible I fixed the convertible brace with my BFH. It needed about an 1/8" dimple at the the back.

I got the p/s welded about 1/2 way and then ran out of CO2/ I bagged that and went to finish hooking up the parking brakes. I got another doffus on this one, because it seems that when I threw away my old frame rail, I threw away the parking brake bracket too! But hey, I've got an awesome set of tools and some 16 gauge steel, so I just made myself a new one. That was fun.

Next up was installing my new Russel Speed Bleeders I ordered on a whim from NPD. Two problems. First I ordered for the left one for the right. They come two to a package, so I ended up with 4. Second problem, they are the wrong size. Sheesh. I'll check and see if they'll fit my wilwoods in front I guess. I think they will. The wilwoods have 2 bleeders each, so that would actually use all 4 if they fit. I'm going to have a lot of bleeding to do in back with the new hard line, so I thought the speed bleeders would be nice. Oh well.

Sunday morning I went to church with SWMBO and the 3 BWMOMs. After brunch we headed for Wally World to get oldest BWMOM a bigger bike. Ended up with a six speed Roadmaster. They come preassembled (badly) so by the time I got him on the road it was about 4:00. I looked at the car, and just went back inside. It must have been 100 degrees in the barn by then, and I just couldn't make myself get back under the car.

So tonight I'll try to get out and finish up with the brakes, and maybe put the drive shaft back in. I'll get my tank refilled and finish up those subframe connectors this week. The 4th weekend is a COMPLETE WASHOUT (taking the family to see my Dad for 4 days). After I get the exhaust back in ( Everything behind the headers was taken out as one piece) I'll still have the following to do:

1. Install gas tank and new sending unit.
2. Install retractible seat belts in front. Add a 3rd belt in back.
3. Install new underlayment and carpet.
4. Put the seats in.
5. Reinstall console and hook up the wiring for it.
6. Put the rear valance back on and hook the wiring back up.
7. Install the rest of the interior.

If it wasn't for the long weekend being a washout I could meet my mid July goal. Without those 4 days, I'm probably looking at August. We'll see.

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I almost ordered those bleeders from NPD once, but never got to it. I recently saw them at Pep Boys, but didn't buy them there either. I'm not sure of the brand or quality at Pep Boys, but if you want some in a hurry you may take a look.

Your writings are providing a great story. Glad to see you are making progress. I like the way you are proceeding with a detailed, professional and CORRECT way to fix your vehicle.

You get a gold star my book. Keep up the good work!
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