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So I’m in Wichita on my way home from a business trip and I stop by Barnes & Noble to pick up some reading material for the flight. Now B&N has their magazines divided up into labeled sections. Under “Business” you’ve got Fortune, Inc. etc. Under “Technology” there’s Popular Mechanics, Wired etc. You get the idea. Well guess where the car mags are? You got it … Men’s Interests! Side by side with Playboy, Maxim, and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue!

Now it seems to me that here on VMF we’ve got a pretty active female population who are every bit as enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the hobby as us men. If I were in your shoes (not those spiked heels please) I’d be offended by this! Is B&N telling you not to worry your pretty little heads about all that manly car stuff, and just go back to your “Women’s Interests” section and pick up a nice Cosmo or Modern Bride?

Anyway, I just thought this was sort of interesting. See ya

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Boy!! wait till I tell my wife. She wants her own track car. She can out
drive a lot of the men that run the open track events we go to. We have
a '65 Mustang that we both drive. I want my track car back, so I have to build
her one. It can't be a slouch either. She wants to run in the fast group!.
I have to share my car magazines with her too. She had a toyota when we
got together, one day I let her drive the Mustang. She asked if we
could sell her car and get something with a V8 and a 4-speed. Now her
daily driver is a '61 Ranchero with a hot 289, headers, holley, Toploader,
front disc brakes, 9" rear with 3.50 gears and a posi. Her Ranchero is
faster than my '64 Ranchero! B&N is in big trouble!!!!!!
YOU GO GIRL!!! I love my wife and I am real proud of her.
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