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Talk to Shaun at Street or Track, he can give you the definitive answer to that question
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1966 coupe and 1970 sportsroof
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Anyone here install the brackets on an 8” rear?
It can be done. Easiest way to mount the trailing arm brackets is to cut the 'U' off the bracket and weld them to the leaf spring saddle. The saddles are already 43" apart and at the correct pinion angle. You can see the front and back of the saddle has been trimmed. You can also choose to box this in if you like:

For the Watts link brackets you'll need to make a shim. The brackets are cut for 3" tubing, your 8" is probably 2.80" diameter at the point they mount. For the drivers side mount that gets welded on I would recommend a piece of 3" exhaust tubing with the i.d. at 2.80" and o.d. at 3". Weld this to the housing tube then the bracket to it. Use the same tubing for the passenger side clamp on bracket to create a shim to pad out the housing tube to clamp on bracket.

I would recommend you take the housing to a rear end or offroad shop to be straightened after welding on it.

All this is detailed in the instructions but call or email if you have any questions.

Or, you can buy one of our 3-Link ready 9" housings! All new housing with gusseted center, CNC'd Torino bearing ends with threaded holes (no more 'T' bolts), we fixture and Tig our mounts, straighten it then powder. Remove it from the box being careful not to drool all over it and start hanging 3-Link parts!

3-Link ready 9" housing - Street or Track 9" Rear End w/3-Link Mounts Installed

3-Link ready 9" housing and 3-Link in a discounted package - 1965-73 Mustang rear coilover system & conventional rear end housing
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