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OK i have 2 SPL Serires 12" subs rated at 600w rms and 1200w peak both with dual 2.5" 4ohm voice coils and cooling fans in the 160oz magnets to keep them cool. Also they are rated at 92db a peice. They come in a matching dual slotted box for maxium output. Also included is a 1600w max spl 2 chl amp. With 3 25 amp fuses built in to the amp. And a mid or highs amp that is only 300w max 2 chl. And last but not least in this packege comes a 1.2 farad digital massive cap.
This audio is all 2003 or newer i still have all the orginal boxes. I had it all installed and pushed 130db in my intrepid. (it would have been louder but they took the sound reading on the dash board and the speakers were in the trunk 6 ft away behind 5 inches or more of foam steel and dynomat. if you have some sort of hatch back they would be louder. I can also include all the 4 guage wire you could ever want. All together i can give this away for 450 Or one of the trades below if it equals to the amount.
The reason being that i got an 86 MR2 and the box is about 34 inches wide by 15 deep by 15 tall About i don't remember and that alone is almost bigger than the car. lol.

I am looking to trade for a turn signal hood no rust(well surface rust is acctiable but no big holes) with turn signals in place for a 68 stang

Or one of thoes new pioneer or whatever they are pony radios that are made to fit in the stock slots the 100w per channel one with the matching dash dual 4in speakers.

Or a hood for a 68 with a scoop that is already attached(pictures must be sent)

Or a steering wheel mustang style that is either redone or a good repo.

or A full front suspension for 5 lug wheels.

or Five lug mustang wheels. With the correct back spacing

A built 200cid for engine I can also give you the one i have right now with the system for one that has already been built. This engine runs but smokes.
Or you can rebuild mine.

A good T5 tranny preferably rebuilt

Dual exhust for a 200 6 cyl

250cid head and new headers.

Would also trade for one 2004 MTX9500 10" in the box or the 12" with out the box.

Thank you and if you have anything that would compare i would be intrested in hearing about it so PM or just reply to the post thanks alot.

I am off to college so money would also be a good thing too.
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