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Need some help so i come to the best, putting a working radio in my 69 mustang, but don't really know where to place the speakings, car came with am only radio so only has the dash speaker, any info of placement would be appreciated thanks

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A lot will depend on you, of course. Are you trying not to change the original interior too much, or do you even care? My 67, as purchased has an Alpine CD stereo system in it with a monster speaker/boom box that takes up almost half of my trunk! The speakers were then placed in the back under the windsheild and someone cut the doors to put speakers there, too!! It's a nice system, but more than I would have done on my own. Maybe I am getting old! *G*

Good luck.


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coupe or fastback?

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What's wrong with the beautiful sound of Flowmasters!!! hehehe. I couldn't help myself!!

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