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I've got a 67 Fastback with the pass-through trap door. Now I am definately putting in the 6.5 kickpanel speakers.
1. Do I get 2 or 3 way speakers?

Since I use the pass through and the area when the seats are folded and use the seats too,I do not want to put any type of box speaker system in. So an option
was to cut my trap door (not a good idea I'm told because or their rarity) , buy a used trap door already cut (extra cost $)and add a pair of 6x9s. They will be
next to each other so no seperation and mounted in a metal door with a empty trunk behind (not a great acoustical base to start with).

2. Do I mouht 6x9s in the trap door?

3. Or just mount those small dual speakers in the dash under the poor excuse of speaker holes cut in the dash vinyl?

Any other suggestions will be considered.

Thanks Mike

Michael G.

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When I got my 67 fastback, the seller threw in an extra set of interior quarter panels with 6" speaker holes in them. I took the originals out (and kept them in a safe place of course) and enlarge the holes to 6 X 9 's. I should warn you, I think 99% of the speakers for sale have grills that stick out too far for the fold down rear seat to clear them. I searched for weeks and finally found a set with almost flat grills. Its a close fit, but the folddown seat will clear them if I'm careful (I leave it down most of the time anyway). This was back in 1994 I think, so who knows whats out there now.

I wouldn't cut the trap door - an un-cut one is tough to find I think. Before I found my speakers, I considered removing the trap door and fabricating a wood or fiberglass piece covered in speaker felt. Just another idea.

FYI - I've grown up a little since high school (when I first got the car) and now prefer to listen to the exhaust - can't tell you when i turned the radio on last. I'll probably put the original panels back in one of these days.

Good luck.

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I have a 68 coupe and here are some thoughts.
1. if you have enough power you will only need one set of speakers.
2. The speakers that come installed in kick panels are junk. andi think you can only fit a 5.25 inch speaker in them. thats what i have.
3. If you want loud clarity why dont you try a component setup with 5.25 inch woofer and a 1 inch tweeter and mount the tweeters in the dash and the woofers in the kick panel.

If you are trying to avoid cutting your trap door those are about your only options i can think of off the top of my head without adding a box in the trunk.

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Several months ago, Mustang and Fords magazine had a short piece on a new rear speaker option for fastbacks which does not require cutting the trap door. They mount on the face of the trap door with side clips that wrap around the sides of the door and clamp on the back side. I don't know how good the sound quality is but that may be what you're looking for. I suggest trying Custom Autosound to see if they are the vendor.

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