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speaking of power steering

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im about to take mine off but was just wondering a few things. WHY do i have to turn the wheel a million times just to make a small turn? and why cant i make a sharp turn. my moms suburban can make a u turn in a smaller amount of space. this is (for the most part) the reason im going to manual steering. is it possible i have a manual steering box with ps. would that be the cause of the problem or is this common with ps mustangs?
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If you have about 5 turns lock to lock then you have a manual steering box. If it is about 4 turns then you have a power steering box.

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The turning radius of old Mustangs leaves a lot to be desired. My full size Bronco has a smaller turning radius than the Mustangs. My '69 has a slightly smaller turning radius than does my '66, but it's still not much better than a big rig /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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