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Speedo Cable into insturment cluster help....

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Well there goes the good day.... I see the bad moon a rising!

Anyway, I thought my speedo cable was all the way in the insturment cluster when I installed it, but I guess not. It clicked when I installed it. Is there supposed to be more clicks or something? Any tips?

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I dont know about your 69 but my 66 screws on like the cable connection for your tv. I guess im not much help being that the cable on a 69 is probably different

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My 66 screws in too. However, on the 72 I had it "clicked" in. The "click" should indicate it's locked to the speedo, but this is just indicating the outer cable is connected. If the cable inside the sheathing is not sticking out far enough, it may not be able to be inserted far enough into the speedo to work.

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