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Hi all, I'm new here, as well as being a new '67 coupe owner. Just a few Q' coupe is an original 6cyl/C4 with power steer and factory air. I'm upgrading the brakes to power assisted front discs, etc....been told I need V8 spindles and have read about this too, but I've also read where '67's (6 & 8 cyl) used the same....true or not? If not, I can't seem to find any new/replacement/aftermarket V8 anywhere.....suggestions, please? Are Granada spindles the same measurements? Lastly, will the 6cyl power steer ram need changing? me it seems fine.
BTW I've had ample auto experience (motor, body, painting, electrical, welding, hi-performance)(I have a pretty good understanding of most car/Ford stuff)...classic 'stangs are slightly different/new to me. Any help appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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67 and up cars used the same spindles for 6 cyl and V8 cars, backing plates and drum sizes were different between the two. Also starting in 1968 the disc brake spindle was completely different and integrated the mounting of the single piston caliper-in other words you can't bolt a drum brake backing plate on a 68 and up disc spindle. For 65-67 Mustangs which used the Kelsey/hayes 4 piston calipers, a special mounting/adapter bracket was used to convert the spindles over from drum to disc.Kits are still readily available to this from the aftermarket.The steering linkages are the same 67 V8 or 6cyl as well, so your ram should be fine.The Granada spindle usage might dictate you use the Granada outer tie rod ends, not sure if this applies for 67 and up, it does for early cars. Why not find more original looking single piston caliper set ups? The Granada rotors cannot be used with most stock wheels-without modification or changing of rims, while most 68 and up Fairlane,Cougar,Montego, Maverick and Mustang will work on your car-for most models up until the 73 models and back. Usually all that has to be done is acquire the correct outer tie rod ends to correspond with spindle usage.The calipers used look more correct than the larger Granada style (the 68-73 calipers are basically all the same smaller style single piston type).
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