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I'm trying to build the ultimate hot rod street/strip 67 coupe. Twin turbo 5.0, all home done, home made EFI (just placed the order for the kit, its MegaSquirt in Yahoo groups), home made upper intake, etc etc.

Are there any sponsors these days? I'm looking for everything from harnesses to guages.. welding equipment etc...

I'm 17 so thats why its all home made and whatnot, and why im looking to see if i can get sponsors.

Also please try to not stereotype me as some typical teenager who wants everything for nothing, and knows nothing about cars. I've already got significant $$$ time and research into this project, been working on the stang for 2 years now. Welded new floor pans, battery in the trunk, rebuilding the front suspension, found and bought and pulled the turbos and a 5.0 engine.. truck intake, etc.

I don't think there are any generous companies any more.. but i thought i would ask before i give up /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

I'm 44 & have been drag racing since I was 16. I now currently have a Super Gas '66 & with a bottle runs in the 8's street legal. Trying to get a dollar from someone for a race car is next to impossible ESPECIALLY if it's a Ford. I hope you have better luck than I have had but don't get disapointed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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