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Well Im getting tired of having all these parts around the house so I am going to be listing a good bit of stuff this week. Starting with the new parts that I didn't end up using and working backwards through to OEM and NOS parts that are filling my garage and sheds. If you need anything let me know and I will see if I can find what you need! I have tons of parts. My hope is that some of you guys will be able to put these parts to good use and I can help to get a couple of cars back on the road.

So here begins the .99 cent auctions! (Check back for more! ask for specific parts to be listed!)

Progressive Springs .99 NR

Scott Drake C5ZZ 5310 PR Mustang Coil Springs Progressive Rate 65 66 | eBay

Scott Drake Front Shocks .99 NR

2 One Pair of Scott Drake Performance Shock Front 1965 1970 C5ZZ 18124 HP | eBay

Premium UCA & Lower Control Arms & Saddles .99 NR

64 65 66 Mustang Suspension Kit Upper Lower Control Arms Spring Saddles | eBay

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Just a quick glance and I have:
9" Rear End 3.55 Ratio for 68 Mustang
3 Pony Corral Front Grill Emblems 2 w Crossbars 1 w/o
Lots of Radios
S&W Roll Cage for 65
Fully Functional Heater Assemblies for 65-66 & 67-68
A couple Gauge clusters for 65 and 68
Dash doors for 68
New Black Rear Seat Upholstery for 65
Great Condition Chrome Wheel Caps
2 - 2bbl Oem Carbs
Cobra Valve Cleaners - One bare finish one painted - Both could use refinishing
Edelbrock 600 CFM
2 - 2 bbl Carb Spacers
Nice Flexplate

Will sell complete new premium suspension kit. I put this kit together piece by piece cost me 910$. Will sell 850$ obo shipped assuming all parts still avail. Thanks
Scott Drake Premium Upper Control Arms
SD Progressive Coil Springs
SD Performance Shocks
Shackle kit
Shock Tower Bumpers
Tie Rod Sleeves
Bushing Kit
Outer Tie Rod
Inner Tie Rod
Saddle Hardware
Idler arm
Let me know if interested in parts. Will discount 10% any parts not purchased through eBay because that saves me a 10% seller fee. Thanks

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Getting off early today. Anyone want pictures of any specific parts?

Cant remember if I put this but I have a canton oil pan only used to mock up for 64 - 73 289 and 302s. Its like new condition.
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