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Hi Jim... have been a very keen open-wheel fan for about 28 yrs or so. we have a 1/4 mile clay track just 10 minutes down the road from us. between '75 and '85 another track 1/2 hr. away ( closed down since '88),was a paved 1/4 mile. sprints cars, midgets late models and street stocks. we raced a full tube framed fiberglassed div. two late model.
SWMBO and i attend the clay track as often as we can -sprint cars are the head liners there and they really put on afantastic show !!! midgets run on alterate nights or they run together - depends sometimes the dirt late models come from out of town.( a few run sb fords-we go for them of course...!)
Pay tv has only been here for about 4 yrs. i subribed just to catch the racing in the US. In the last 4 yrs we have travelled to Oswego - upstate NY... to a super-modified meeting..!!!could not believe what i saw..!!! BB open wheel race cars with the engine directly behind the left front wheel..! Attended Denvers - colorado's inter'al speedway...3/8 milr paved... Irwindale - paved 1/2 mile in LA..CA.
You might say we love our speedway... if a ford engined race car is running we of course we root for it.....!
BTW..that web site is very interesting. I will go there tonight and have a good look ....thank you for this info ..greatly appreciated....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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