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I am thinking about shooting some foam insulation into a Trash Bag then stuffing
the bag into the space between the trunk and the passenger compartment above the
wheel wells in my fastback. I am trying to isolate the trunk from the car interior.
Noise, Dusty road dust, Battery fumes, ect. What do you think?

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Sounds good to me. We use it to fill in big rust holes, let it
harden, shave it back some and float it with bondo. Work's
great. I wouldn't do it to a nice car but to the $500 specials
that keep coming my way, I don't have a problem with it.
A friend of mine just bought a '66 coup and used if for that.
The car was a parts car before he went after it with the
spray foam. Now it looks good, (from 50 feet).
The bag idea is a good one. Some of the parts I get (radiators)
are shipped in the foam sprayed in a bag.
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Sounds like a good idea - the bag makes it removeable, just like they pack stuff....
I used some of the "Great Stuff" foam from Home Depot to fill some holes around the house, and it's aptly named. I had not really thought about using it on the mustang though! Dickson

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some of those products just keep expanding...long after you think it has stopped. you gotta put in just the right amount or it can easily start bending sheet metal as it pushes outward,
i have seen "regular formula" and "low expansion" versions of this stuff.
good luck
mike o

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