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I saw a post earlier about polishing stainless steel. What parts on a mustang are stainless steel and can be polished using stainless steel polish? Thanks

67 V8 Coupe (under restoration)

The metal edge around the drivers and passenger windows that actually attach to the glass is. Also some of the trim.

Jeff Crumpley
Austin, Texas
68 302 j-code coupe
99 5.0 Eddie Bauer Explorer

basically, just the parts that were mentioned. a convertible has the most stainless pieces. on a coupe, basically all that is stainless are the winshield and rear window mouldings, the drip rail moulding and the door glass frames.

on a convertible, you have the hockey sticks, windshield mouldings and the boot channel behind the rear seat.

Charles Turner
MCA Gold Card Judge(64.5-65, 66)
'65 Fastback
'00 GT Conv, triple black

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