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How's everyone doing? Need some tips or hints on installing a deluxe interior on a standard interior mustang. The dash board pieces were quite easy but, now I'm getting into the door grilles, the upper console, the seat backs, trim, the door panels, trim. Basically I need to know how to fasten the upper console to the roof and wiring it, any pointers about the seat backs and trim, the door grilles I need to know where do they mount at what point on the door and then wiring the lights in the grilles, and then any pointers on installing the door panels. I know I'm asking a big question but any help on these pieces would help me out greatly. Thanks ahead of time for your responses. Lou

I'm fairly certain that the door panels go in basically the same way the old ones come out; the clips will line up with the holes in the door and you just pop them in. As far as the speaker grills, from pictures that I've looked it they appear to be centered in the door, but how far below the door panel I couldn't tell you. If you don't get more answers in a day or so try reposting each part individually. Good luck

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