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stang now has to be daily driver

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Glad to make it over to the "new" board. Thanks to those who responded to others questioning how to do this. Made it easy for this guy to get over here.

Well, my daily driver Dodge Dynasty was stolen by a few of the home boys in the hood. The police recovered the car in "crack town" of Detroit and the insurance company decided yesterday to total the car. The good news is this means my not-on-the-road stang has to become my daily driver within the next week or so. This means getting my car stolen is good news - a win-win situation all around!

I have to pull off the early model style Edelbrock water pump (never been used) and get the correct 70 style since I gave up on fabricating accessory mounting brackets. I also have to replace the HotRod Air radiator/electric fan combo (also unused) and go back to the larger 70 style radiator. I ordered a Griffin alum. radiator, but it will take a month to arrive. In the meantime, I will reinstall the old original radiator.

The fuel lines are now installed, the oil cooler lines are connected, so all I have to do is put on the water pump, radiator, hoses, alternator, ps pump, and a/c stuff, plus the electrical and I can start the car. I guess I better put the windows in it before making it my daily driver cause it is cold and wet out here. haha. Now if I was Laurie S. in Arizona, I'd only need the front windshield, which would get the car on the road about 3 days earlier!!!

Well, cross your fingers, I'm going to dive into it.

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
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That's terrible your Dodge was stolen but glad you found an "upside" to the situation.

Happy motoring,

Dean T

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Thats unfortunate about the dodge, but given what happened I hope you have some security in your stang ... that would be a real bugger to have stolen.

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Good luck, Dodge gets stolen. Too bad, my daily drivers don't even start so it's hard to get them stolen. So I had to drive Mustang at -5Fahrenheits. I'll say kool, but I am still burdened with the daily drivers.

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Thanks for the comment. One of the neat things about owning these classic stangs as you find you are not alone in the world.

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
Good point. I purchased a Morosso battery cut off switch and am fabricating a mounting bracket for it today. I have the battery in the trunk so I am thinking of mounting the switch in the fenderwell. I also have the Jacobs Ignitions system, which has a hidden ignition shut off switch. It also has an adjustable rev limiter. I figure I can set the rev limiter to about 1000 rpm before setting the disconnects. That way, even if they figured out how to deal with the switch problem, they still would not be able to do more than idle the car. Finally, I welder buddy is going to weld up a box which fits around my clutch and brake pedals and locks with a padlock. I don't think the car will be stolen, but hope no vandalism occurs if a thief gets frustrated with trying to steal it.

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
I hope your stang is not a convertible! WOW, -5 that is something to deal with. good luck!

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
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