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Starter Hell

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Hi all,

I've created a monster! I'm replacing my 289/AT with a '72
351W and 4spd toploader and am using a flywheel and bell
housing whose origin are not know. I got it all installed in
my '66 mustang, hit the starter and it spun without engaging
the flywheel.

The starter is for '67 289 MT application. The flywheel and
6 bolt cast iron bell housing were taken off of a '63 falcon
which I believe to have had a 289 with 3 spd toploader. The
falcon was not an original MT car, so I don't know the exact
era for the parts. It could have been a 260. I bolted on a 10.5"
clutch with not problem, so don't suspect that the flywheel is
an unusual one.

Anyone have any suggestions? There are'nt too many
flywheel/starter combinations for '60s era SBFs, but
I'm not sure what else to try...

What applicatoins used the cast iron bell housing? Trucks

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Rob Farmelo

'66 Coupe - 351W & Toploader Transplant in progress
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Sound to me like you have a 157 tooth flywheel, you might need a 164 tooth to match up the the
bellhousing you have.


1966 Mustang Coupe, 302 custom roller cam, holley 650dp,
Sounds like you need a 164 tooth flywheel or a smaller bell housing.... The bell housing is what I'd look for, carry your old block plate to the junkyard and find an aluminum bell housing that locates the starter about 1/2" closer to the crank centerline.

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Thanks for the post. I assumed that since the flywheel and
bellhousing came together, they would work. Is the 64 tooth
flywheel larget in diameter? I guess if the gear pitch is the
same as the 157 tooth wheel, it wouldl have to be...

The engine and trans are in the car so I'm hoping someone
can tell me about a magic starter which will fix this problem.


'66 Coupe - 351W & Toploader Transplant in progress
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I think you're right. I'm going to try to count the teeth.. Thanks!

'66 Coupe - 351W & Toploader Transplant in progress
I did the same thing in my 70 fastback with a 302. I had the cast iorn bellhousing and had to use an 11" clutch with it. It ran really good until I twisted the 25 spline output on the tranny. I'm almost done putting it back together. I got the starter from Pep Boys. its from a 351W with an 11" (164 tooth) clutch. BTW don't ever use a a 25 spline toploader. Ford knew what they were doing when they replaced them with the larger 28 and 31 spline output shafts.

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