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Starter question

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Hey guys--

Need some help with the starter. Does anyone know how many teeth are supposed to be on a starter for the 157 tooth flywheel? We turned the motor over today, but the starter would not disengage, so we suspect that I may have been given the wrong one. When I go tomorrow to pick up a new one, I would like to be able to check and see if I have the correct merchandise.

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I don't think there is any difference between 157 and 164 tooth starters. The difference is in the bellhousing mounting holes location.What is different is that a stick and an automatic take different starters. Make you have the right one for your transmission.

69 Mach 1 427 Windsor
So, what would make an AT and a manual starter different? Probably something obvious, but I can't see it right now....
The snout is longer on one than the other. I believe the auto is longer. Not much longer, but definetly different. The drive gear moves in farther to pick up the ring gear. I believe it is the auto that is longer. I have the measurements on both, and if you are interested, I will look it up.
I had the same problem with my starter but I have a 94 starter and it has a soleniod on it. I tried to install a jumper so that I had one wire going to the starter and this did not work. I had to have two seperate wires going to the starter. One was from the starting post on the soleniod and it went to the flat spade connection and the large starter wire came from the roght side of the soleniod to the starter post.
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