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Starter questions...

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My starter is on the fritz. I was looking through the NPD catalog and saw three. 289... AT... std rebuild, Super Torque, and Hi-Torque Mini. Which best suits my engine, and how hard is it to install\uninstall compared to a distributor? Any other starters I should consider?

My engine is a stock 289 except for the following:

Edelbrock Peformer 289 Intake
Edelbrock #1406 Carb
1" 4-hole spacer
K&N Air filter
MSD dist, 6AL, Blaster 2
Long tube headers and dual exhaust

Opinions appreciated as always.
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Any of those will work fine including the rebuild on your engine because the engine is not high compression. The thing that is going to make it a bear is snaking it out from around the long tube headers depending on the brand. Sometimes it is nesessary to remove or at least loosen the header and rock it out of the way to get the starter out of there. The mini starter is easier to install and remove with headers and gives more clearence between the starter and the header. Many times the headers baking the starter is what makes it give up. If you choose the rebuilt one at least install a starter insulation blanket over the starter and it will last much longer.

Skill level to remove a starter on a SBF with long tube headers as compared to installing a distributor? About the same.

Amount of work to remove a starter on a SBF with long tube headers as compared to installing a distributor? About 10 times as much work.
Ok.. thanks

So basically I don't need a High Torque Starter, and it wont hurt anything if I decide to get one anyway? BTW.. Love my T-Lock /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

What are the benefits of a High Torque Starter? Any on my engine?
Yup, you don't need it, but there is no problem running it. The advantage of the mini is the size not the performance.

I'm glad you are happy with your T-Lock, the customer is always right........... *G*. Thanks buddy!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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