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Steamboat Springs, CO anyone?

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Who's going?

We're leaving in the morning with a group of about 20 other Utah stangs. I love the six hour caravan. We stop half way in Vernal, UT where the Ford dealer, Showalter, provides lunch and mini-show and shine.
We're taking KAOS, PINKIE, and "FRANK" Bullitt.
Looking forward to a great weekend.
I hope all you Colorado folks are safe from the fires.
See ya,
Last year's club caravan.
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Man, I love Steamboat Springs. I visited a friend twice about 10 years ago at the end of April I believe, and wow is that a beautiful place. He went to Rocky Mountain College there. His dad lived on one of the hills in a 3 story log cabin just above the "Colemans" yea...llike outdoors Colemans, and next to Dan Pastorini. Nice place dude, have fun.
We would love to go, and would probably do so if we weren't going to the corn feed next week. Please post a pic from the show. Maybe next year we will make it.
Joyce - We have (Non-refundable) reservations for a condo in downtown Steamboat, but all this fire business has got us thinking maybe we shouldn't leave our home for 3 days (with my 76-yr-old mother as caretaker). My wife wants me to stay home and work on fire mitigation measures.

I will be making a decision today and may compromise by just driving up for the day early Saturday for the show. If I do, I'll look you and the Mikes up and say hello.
There's a name I haven't heard in a while, Dan past you weenie LOL I need to check car show lists more often. I LOVE Colorado & this would have been the perfect excuse to get out the motor home & trailer!
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I've been wondering how close the fires are getting to your place. I sure hope you guys get a bunch of rain to help put those fires out.
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