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I've got a steering box off of a '69 that has seen better days. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how bad the rack block and input shaft were until after purchasing the steering box rebuild kit and getting as far as final reassembly on the box. When I realized I couldn't set the preload, I knew something was wrong.

Dan from Chockostang confirmed that the original rack block and input shaft was beyond reusing. I have a rebuilt box coming from Chockostang, but I still hate to throw away my original box, especially since it's nearly rebuilt steering box.

I've seen some people mentioning rebuilders that can spray weld and remachine worn input shafts, but I can't seem to find any concrete information on who actually does this. I realize that I'm probably wasting my time, as the cost would be really prohibitive, but I can't help but explore all options. I've even thought of cannibalizing a box off of eBay for parts, but nearly every one I found there was either rusted so badly the shafts wouldn't turn, or the seller wanted way too much for a box that "might not" work.

Any help is appreciated!

And once again, thanks to Dan at Chockostang for all of his help!! Talk about above and beyond service!
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