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Steering Box Rebuild

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Got a rebuild kit from VA mustang and wanted to post what I'd learned.The replacement bushings on the sector shaft were not like the ones I took out.(Bearings). The upper one on the sector shaft originally had a flange that would rest upon the opening that would position the shaft.The replacements didn't have that and I drove the bearing too deep.(error here?)I could feel some resistance when turning,which was the sector shaft bottoming out.I drove the bearing back up and all feels very smooth now.By the way,its very easy to rebuild,when you put in the new sector shaft bushings(needle bearings)cut some strips of plastic from a milk carton and roll them in an old familiar way and insert them in the bearings and when you drive them in, they stay in place.
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From Ford, the original top bearing did have a lip on top that set into a slight recess in the steering case. All replacement bearings are the same top and bottom and do not have this lip.

It doesn't matter about the lip. The top bearing can be driven down a bit farther with no problem. Chances are the case was a bit tighter when you first installed the bearing and so the bearing fit was a little tighter too. If the sector shaft teeth bottom on the bearing lip (or the case for that matter), it is because the teeth on the sector and rack are worn enough that the shaft can go down far enough to bottom out.
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