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Steering box removal... what am I missing?

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I am trying to get my steering box out... Do I have to remove the turn signal cancel cam from the steering column, and if so is that the only thing left to remove from the column?

After the three bolts to the frame are removed it should just drop out?

I had read previous posts on this but I was confused when people were talking about removing the front seat, and taking it out from the "top." Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
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You have to unplug the wires from the steering column under the dash. On my '65, there were two seperate plugs. One had 6 wires, one had two. Once those are unplugged and you have the column screws loose, the whole column will pull out over the steering shaft. You shouldn't have to take the turn signal switch out.

The steering box and shaft remain together. Your goal will be to unhook the pitman arm, unbolt the box and pull it upwards through the hood (i.e. from the top). To do that, you will end up with the steering shaft angled into the floorboard and it will hit the driver's seat (I think) if you don't remove it. Removing it will also make it easier to get your head under the dash to take that wiring loose I talked about before.

Hope that works for you.

If it doesn't (it wouldn't for me because of my headers and my power steering setup)...then post back or PM me and I'll tell you how to get it out the bottom.


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I got mine out of my '66 without removing the seat. My car has a/c, aftermarket "Cobra" aluminum valve covers, and stock (hipo) manifolds, all of which remained installed during the whole process. It was a tight fit, and the box had to be rotated to make it work, but it will work. Oh yeah, I pulled the air cleaner off too...

Once the three bolts are off, it will not drop right out, you need to manuever it up and out (after you disconnect the Pittman arm of course) And if you have a manual tranny, you will need to pull the clutch linkage first. That's no big deal though, and it gives you a chance to replace the bushings, which are probably shot anyway.

Just follow the suggestions given already and it should go fine.
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