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any one know how to take off the steering column on a 1965 manual steering?
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If it's just the steering column tube first disconnect the battery. Then remove the Horn ring on the steering wheel. Push it in and rotate it counter clockwise about a 1/4 turn (I think it's counter clockwise, if it doesn't budge, try the other direction). Don't lose the horn ring spring.

I think now would be a good time to disconnect the turn signal and horn connectors next to the steering column tube under the dash. Should be one square connector and a two wire flat rectangular plastic connector. On the square one I think you have to squeeze the retaining tabs together to allow it to come apart.

Remove the big nut in the center of the steering wheel. If the wheel doesn't come off borrow or rent a steering wheel puller.

Once the steering wheel is off, remove the steering wheel spring.

Now remove the two nuts holding the steering column tube bracket to the dash.

Once the bracket comes off, carefully pull on the steering tube. If the steering shaft bearing and/or steering shaft bearing collar pops lose, remove and put in a safe place. Continue to pull on the tube until it pops off the steering box and clears the long steering shaft.

Reinstall is pretty much the reverse of this.

One caveate: Be careful how you reinstall the steering wheel retaining nut. If you cross thread the steering shaft you may have to replace the whole steering box - not fun!


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