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Steering Column

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I have a question.. Had my column unbolted from the dash in order to get the gear box moved around while I detailed my engine compartment.. All is back together, motor is in and running but when I took her for a test drive i noticed that my turn signals would not cancel.. I also noticed that the horn will not work.. Looking at the steering wheel to the column I now have about 3/8' gab between the wheen and the "tube".. I have no idea how to pull the gear box on this car since there is no rag joint between the column and the gear box.. Should I loosen up the steering gear box and the column and push it back together? I can't believe that it could move that much but again, I have no idea what it looks like under that "tube".. Thanks in advance!

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Just loosen the screws clamping the column to the dash, pull the colum up to eliminate the gap, then tighted the screws back down. No need to touch the steering box. I don't know if this will fix your blinker and horn problems, but it will certainly mate the column to the steering wheel properly.

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