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Stepping On Other People's Ads!

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I've got a couple of classified ads on the Forum ad page in the 64-66 catagory for parts. I've noticed that people are starting to undercut and offer their parts to people inquiring about the poster's ads. Very bad manners to say the least. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to post an ad, or a new post here in the forum. I probably should have posted this in the ad section, but I didn't want to use up ad space for a non-ad. Thanks for letting me vent my spleen. I've seen others comment on this, so I guess I'm not alone in my sentiments.
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Do to others as they do to you!

I don't mind that practice, as a customer. This being a free forum, and it is free to post an ad, I would not expect too much unless I had paid to post the ad, IMHO.

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I get spam all the time from eBay sellers trying to peddle their goods off-forum from e-mails they harvest from eBay.....and I've had a few buyers tell me other sellers have contacted them about selling them goods cheaper than what they bid on my auction...
I just forward the specifics to SafeHarbor and go on....not much I can do about it...
This site is a lot more loosely moderated than eBay so pretty much anything goes...up till recently anyway...

We have a moderator for the classifieds...his name is Jason...his user ID is him privately with the details of your dilemma and I'm sure he'll look into it...

Rants are OK here, get 'em all the time *G*

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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