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Stereo interference

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Hey, I'm having a little trouble with my stereo. When the engine is off (acc on), my stereo sounds great, I can crank it up and have perfect bass and all. When the engine is running though, I can't turn it up too loud b/c it crackles and stuff, I guess from engine interference. What can I do about this? I have the power lead hooked up to a post on connected to the fuse box. Is this ok? Is this what's causing the noise? Any help is appreciated. BTW, I have a JVC El Kameleon (LX30), Infinity kappa 6 1/2's, and Infinity kappa 6x9's. Thanks for the help!
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I don't have an electronic ignition... yet. I just haven't installed it yet. What can I do to overcome this? I think it's grounded pretty good.
Thanks guys! But I really wish you would stop suggesting spark plugs!! =) It's a tough job to change spark plugs w/ an FE in a 67-68! I was hoping it would be a 5 minute fix.
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