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stereo systems - how to??

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The interior is pretty much done. Now for the stereo. I would really like a CD player. Nothing too fancy, just a single disk player.

I was planning on 6x9, box mounted set behind the folder, 4" rounds in factory door places, and 1" high end rounds mounted on the door posts. I have no firm plan for the receiver. I had looked at Custom Auto, but that seems like more money than should be required.

How have some of you done stereo systems??

How much power??


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I cut mine, yea yea, guys all hate me for it, but theres nothing like a modern CD head unit, i am going full restomod on my 66 fastback, so i didnt care about the stupid original dash hole, the only thing i had to do after carefully cutting the hole was make a mounting bracket to screw into the sides of the headunit, i plan on putting a new one in soon, so i may put a pic and a buildup on my website... if you are going to retain that "stock" look, then try hiding the headunit in the glove box...

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Layne, is your dash already cut? if it is, and you don't intend to fix it, you get to put in anything your heart desires! If it is not, you should think about a stealth install of a CD player, and keep your original stuff in for authenticity. Especially if your not hip on the Custom Autosound stuff.

My dash was cut, so I put in a flip face cd player (std DIN size) with integrated 80 watt peak power amp. I have triax's on the rear shelf, and 5.25 in the doors (also already cut!) Sound is probably a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. I would (and will) do it all differently if my car hadn't already been cut up.

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The dash was already cut by the PO on my 66, so I mounted a modern Blaupunkt there. However, on my 71 I mounted a Sony unit in the glovebox. Sony is the only unit I could find with a wired remote (mounted on the console). This is important, because you don't want to have to keep the glove box open to use a traditional IR remote. Sounded great, easy to install, and kinda cool in a "stealthy" way!

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The 69/70 radio bezel is reproduced, so if your original is in good condition, you may want to modify a reproduction. You shouldn't have any problems getting a CD head unit to fit.

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In my 68 i added a Kenwood flipface CD player in a plastic box under the dash amazingly it almost looks factory! Then i added 5.25 3-way kenwoods in a set of kickpanels i got from Canadian Mustang. i stuck a small spacer behind the kick panle where the floor starts to rise to pitch them out at a better angle. excellent front stage. then i added 3-way kenwood 5.25 in the rear package shelf. they are getting 22 watts RMS and 45 Peak from the head unit. then i added a 600 Watt 4 channel amp and bridged it to a pair of PPI 10 inch subs in a sealed box in the trunk. face the subs toward the front of the car to get a better sound and less rattles. This system deffinitley turns heads on the Blvd and is loud enough for me (17).
If you intend to add a subwoofer, then 6x9s are unneccessary and you will actually get a better sound from a round speaker

I would'nt cut any panels if you're concerned about resale. I have a 68 convertible which makes it hard to place speakers, so I just put small box speakers (Jensen XS4420Sm - 120 watts) under the front seats facing back.

For the stereo, I left the AM unit alone and elected to put the stereo in the glove box area. I removed the plastic box that screws to the glove box door and rigged a bracket to mount the stereo. The 68' has another cubby in the center console so I didnt really need the glove box.

I chose a sony unit (CDX-5000x) because it is compatible with a remote CD changer in case I want to put one in the trunk at a later date, AND because Sony has a cool wired remote controller. I ran this under the dash next to the drivers seat so I can control the stereo without opening the glove box and reaching over.

All the stock stuff remains - and NO CUTTING! Jammin!

I made the mistake of buying all my stereo equipment before I even started on the car. Everything has drastically come down in price but I did get one thing that not many people have. By the way, I have a 69 mach 1. My head unit is a Kenwood KRC-3006. It is a tape player that will fit in the original radio slot with no cutting. It is the only model made that has CD changer capability built in. The thing is it's been discontinued for a few years. Ebay? Another idea is to buy a component system. For example, I bought the 5.25 speakers that come with 1 inch tweeter separates. The 5.25's are heavier duty for competition and I'll put them in the rear side panels that were pretty hacked up already. I did have to cut a little. The tweets are super small and can be put somewhere in the corners of the dash with double sided tape. Just an idea. Good luck!
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