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still looking for more mustang jr owners

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i have been contacted by some more powercar mustang jr owners because of the posts i have done on this website. i have also started to get some resources together for these little cars. i hope to soon have replacement front and rear bumpers, pony and corral, steering wheels and windshields to replace parts that are missing or have been damaged by use by children over the years. if you own a 1965,66 or 67 mustang JR lets pool our resources and get them back on the road. if you would like more info on these car go to my website
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I just got back from a week on vacation in Rapid City South Dakota (black hills, mount rushmore, crazy horse) scouting out a national convention for 2002. so i still have to finish the final sanding before i can make the mold. I hope to complete that task by this weekend so i can pull the mold then.
thanks lee
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