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Stolen Shelby from Silverado Country Club & Resort
Napa Valley, CA on March 17, 2001

1965 Mustang fastback 2+2

solid black with a white stripe down the center from front to back.

It is a shelby look alike, with the hood scoop.

the engine is a 289 hi performance 271 horsepower.

it has the old fashion spoke type of American mags.

The interior is black with a 4 speed.

the license plate is a old fashion black and gold california license plate, number ACE 964.

Investigations Dept : 707-257-9566

Crime tip recorder 24 hours: 707-257-9528
OR ME [email protected]

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Hope when they catch them they shoot and ask the questions later. My car was saved from a watery grave some years ago, when the hoods that stole it tried to dispose of it in the river. Fortunately they sunk it in mud and burned the brand new clutch up.


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Really hope they get em ... friend had a 65 vert stolen up in that area about a year and a half ago and they never caught the bastard nor found the friend's car. Worst thing about it is the poor guy had to drive around his g'friend's 68 Camaro RS hating every minute of it.


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Sorry guy,
Hope they find it and you get something back. My car is about 900 units after yours.
They were making them good that month.

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That really bites! A while back another VMF'er had his car stolen. He posted on all the boards and advertized in all the local papers. I think he freaked the SOB's cause they found the car ditched in the canal or something similar. Sure hope you find your car.


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67 Restomod Coupe, in assy.
69 Mach 1, SWMBO say don't take it apart!
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