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Stolen Shelby from Silverado Country Club & Resort
Napa Valley, CA on March 17, 2001

1965 Mustang fastback 2+2

solid black with a white stripe down the center from front to back.

It is a shelby look alike, with the hood scoop.

the engine is a 289 hi performance 271 horsepower.

it has the old fashion spoke type of American mags.

The interior is black with a 4 speed.

the license plate is a old fashion black and gold california license plate, number ACE 964.

Investigations Dept : 707-257-9566

Crime tip recorder 24 hours: 707-257-9528
OR ME [email protected]
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that really sucks... man i hope you get your car back!

makes me kinda desparate to figure out a way to adequately secure mine....

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I'll keep a lookout for it.

Ironic, I was living in Napa when my 64 1/2 was stolen out of the drveway of my folks house. What's even more ironic is that my Step-Dad is the Chief of Police! The car was never found. . .

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I am trying to find a Data Base that gives me all the LOCAL Northern CA Restorer Stores or Local Club..

What from anyones experiances will happen with a car like this ? be dismantled, shipped out of state, sold as is ??????

any links or help to point me in the right direction would be great .... :)

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I feel you man! I will try to keep a look out on the car even if you are located in by the west coast and i on the east coast! It is good to have friends from all over!!

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Take a look here for a listing of MCA affiliated clubs in California...

The VMF is one of the most widely used Mustang resources on the a pic of the car and the VIN here and it'll get everywhere in no time flat...

Criminals often are pretty stupid....lots of kids enjoy a little joy ride then dump the car...
One VMFer recently had a car stolen and found it in a ditch....

Don't give up hope....and remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease...


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I've been thinking about gettig an Imobilizer for my cars. What it is is a computer chip or special key depending on the brand you get. This chip or key plugs into a 'brain box' that is entirely wired in to the electrical system of your car. Without this chip or key, the car is totaly dead. And if a theif manages to find the box, all the wires coming in and out of it are the same color so theres no way to bypass the thing. Better than an alarm I think.

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That SUCKS!!! I've been there, although it was a '92.

I am working on a shifter lockout like the late models use for my C4 equiped stang, but it will be activated by a hidden method, plus I have an alarm and several kill switch features. You have to make it as hard for them as possible, but in the end if they are a pro they will get it anyway so you need good insurance for your pride and joy.

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