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Stop the Madness! Or Who Knows Where the Posts Go?

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Maybe it's just me, but I find it easy to use either way. From my perspective, I have had posts buried deep in the bowels of the forum, using both methods. At the rate that folks are posting new "threads" you get buried no matter what.

If I want to see my posts, I look them up through my profile. I see my posts AND threads, and I don't have to search for a single one of them.

IMHO I like either method, so it really doesn't matter which one is used. Both sides of the debate make great points, and to me, both sides are correct. Whatever the outcome, majority will rule, and I will still enjoy, learn, laugh, rant, discover, and smile at the Vintage Mustang Forums! was looking for a restoration of fantasy. I do not want my car to be as it was in 1967. I want it to be as I imagined it in 1967. -John Baird
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If you go to your Profile, you can access all of the posts you have made. This is an AWESOME feature to have. On the old forum, I would have to search back SEVERAL I just click a few times and voila.....there it is.

pretty cool huh?

BTW..I prefer new post on top :)

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Yes, DON'T make it so new posts go to the top. If I want to find an older post at least I have some approximation where it is the other way. This way it could be anywhere and takes days, weeks, months, (OK, I'm exagerating) to find.

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I, personally could care less about my posts. When I ask a question, I care about the responses. If noone can find the question, noone can respond. If noone repsonds, there's no point in posting the question. If noone posts questions we might as well just have a chat room or a forum discussing the best features of a forum /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

I say leave it as it is.

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You should stop by the chat room, its great!! lol

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