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I'm moving and must leave the 65 fback at home. Besides Stabil in the fuel, changing oil and filter, and removing battery, what can I do to protect my investment for the two (or more) years it will be "lost" to me?

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Kill the engine using Engine Storage spray. This will coat the cylinders, heads and intakes with an oily film. It will smoke like a bugger when you startit /forums/images/icons/smile.gif.

If you are planning on 2 years and even more importantly longer then I think I would drain the gas right out of the system. You really don't want the gas sludging up the carb, lines, tank. Stabil is good stuff but does not last forever.

Also, for that length of time it would be a good idea to take the load off the tires and put a plastic sheet under the car and half way up to keep the little critters away. And a good car cover.
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